• David Ward visiting Fagley Road Pharmacy

  • David Ward with officers from West Yorkshire Police Quad Squad

  • David Ward visiting Kinder Haven

  • David Ward and lead BRI nurse Alex Smith

  • David Ward and students from the Greenway Youth Club

  • David Ward & Harvey Young, Chair of National Consortium of Colleges and Providers (NCCP)

  • David Ward and Tony Hubbert from TF Automation

  • David Ward at Woodlands Nursery

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A strong voice standing up for Bradford

  • A strong voice with a record of campaigning on the issues that really matter to local residents.
  • A real record of speaking out for Bradford.
  • Campaigned to Save the Cheque, reduce the cost of Car Insurance, changed the law on Quad Bikes and fought for improvements to Social Care.


Why I am standing as an Independent


  • Latest from the blog

    Wish you were here?

    A friendly reminder to anyone thinking about voting Conservative out there - you'll see on your ballot paper that the Conservative candidate is from "an address in the Wimbledon Constituency"!  It goes to show how much interest they have in Bradford East!
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    Let's Do It!

    Whether you worked with me, signed a petition, joined one on my groups, marched side by side in your community, joined the car insurance campaign, fought for tax cuts, fought for cash for Broadway, campaigned for better social care, helped to change the law on quad bikes or any one of the millions of activities that made the difference to your place in Bradford East.
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