David's Manifesto for Bradford

David.JPGAs an MP, David held an investigation into the cost of car insurance, took the fight to Parliament and changed the rules on selling-on people's information. He fought for millions of pounds from the Treasury to kickstart the Broadway development. He called for more action on the anti-social use of vehicles on our roads and changed the law on Quad-bikes. He fought for the Pupil Premium which brings millions of pounds of extra money into schools in Bradford. He fought for tax cuts for hard working families by increasing the amount people can earn tax free. He also published a report into the social care crisis called "Reforming Social Care: Voices from Bradford East". 


Speaking about this social care report, David said:

"The thing that I am most proud of is that this research was a real joint effort with fantastic local contributions. It was crucial that Bradfordians were aware of the social care reforms, but more importantly that they had an opportunity to contribute to the leglislation".


Now, for the upcoming General Election, David has developed his new Manifesto for Bradford East:



Support every school in the constituency so every child gets a place in a good school.




Work with police to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and reckless driving.



Campaign to stamp out rogue landlords and build more houses for rent.



Fight for Bradford's fair share of Government money.


manifesto-keeping-in-touch.jpgKeeping in touch

I will report back through a newspaper, leaflets and the internet.



Campaign for high quality health care across the constituency.



Work with care groups and carers to provide better care for older and vulnerable people.


manifesto-local-jobs.jpgLocal jobs

Fight for more jobs, training and support for local businesses.


manifesto-in-the-commons.jpgIn the commons

Fight to make sure your voice is heard and make the Government listen.



 On 8th June, please use your vote to support David Ward.


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