I agree with Michael Sheen we need to support a Social Economy

The people of Bradford sometimes feel they don’t have all that much to be united about. Inequality threatens all our prosperity. Trust in our institutions, our businesses, our media and each other seems more fragile than ever before. People can feel ignored and insecure, far from the centres of power, excluded from the benefits of growth, and our country sometimes feels beyond our control.

But we know we can build a more inclusive economy. We don’t expect the national government to solve all our problems. We can solve many of them ourselves, locally, and help others to solve theirs too, if given the chance. We can work together with a strong sense of purpose and by applying the values we hold dear - fairness, decency, hard work and togetherness. 


As part of this election campaign, the Social Economy Alliance has published a “Manifesto for Inclusive Growth”. If elected, I will champion this common cause.


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