I back the call to scrap reassessments for people with MND who are claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Last October the previous Government announced they would exempt people with ‘severe, lifelong conditions’ from the need to undergo ‘pointless’ reassessment once they have been found eligible for ESA and placed in the support group. But they have not yet implemented this policy, which is supported by all the main political parties. 

However, this policy has not yet been implemented and people with motor neurone disease continue to be reassessed for ESA despite MND being a rapidly progressing terminal condition with no periods of remission. People with the disease will only see their symptoms get worse, not better. MNDA believe, and I agree that reassessments are unnecessary and stressful for people with MND, and a waste of public money. It's important the next Government upholds the commitment to scrap them.  


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