I'm backing Vinny!

I'm backing Vinny and if elected, will vote against the repeal of the Hunting Bill.

A Vote for Vinny means...

  • You want to keep fox, hare, stag and mink hunting illegal
  • You want to increase sentencing for animal cruelty, including dog fighting

Find out more at votesforvinny.org.uk.


A message from Vinny:

Hi, I’m Vinny

and I need you to vote for me!

Okay, I’m a fox cub, I’m not actually taking part in the election – don’t be daft.

  • But a Vote for Vinny means that you care about animals – and you think your human government should care for animals too. I don’t just mean foxes, I mean all animals (even dogs – it’s not their fault peoples make them chase me)
  • A Vote for Vinny means that you’ve moved from the dark days when peoples liked to kill animals like me for fun.
  • And a Vote for Vinny means that you think humans should protect animals like me by punishing those bad peoples who hurt us.


Will you vote for Vinny?


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