The environment in Bradford East can't wait

The result of the EU referendum means the next government will have unprecedented choices to make about how to protect people’s health, rejuvenate our wildlife and green spaces, and meet our international commitments to tackle climate change. For too long action on the environment has been seen as something that will only benefit future generations or put off as a ‘nice to have’. But the harm done by environmental problems such as air pollution and climate change is costing lives now.


Vitally this means we must not water down the laws and regulations built up over the past 40 years that have protected our green and pleasant land or reduce the funds that have enabled farmers to enhance nature. These have had a fundamental impact on the health and wellbeing of the public. We need to ensure that all of the existing EU environmental laws and principles are fully maintained in UK or devolved nation law, and can be properly enforced here.

I agree with Friends of the Earth that our environment in Bradford can’t wait. If elected I’ll uphold and enhance environmental protections.


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