Why I am standing as an Independent

"You know, sometimes you just have to do what you think is the right thing. I've been punished by my own party for speaking out on controversial issues, Palestine and what the Isrealis are doing and many people know about these things, but it's actually quite tough when you're willing to speak out about them. I've decided that I want to carry on representing you as I did before and being able to speak out on controversial issues, free of any party control. So I am standing as an independent candidate in this general election to be your MP, your independent MP so I can continue to fight on strong issues, issues that are controversial, but also for Bradford, because I want to be able to vote on every single issue in the House of Commons on what is right for Bradford. And so I want to be your MP, here not anywhere else, here in Bradford East, where I live, where my family is, where my future is and where I want to be part of your future."

On 8th June, VOTE WARD for a strong, independent voice for Bradford!


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